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ÖDEMİŞ IN OTTOMAN DOCUMENTS, Munis Armağan, ÖYKAM Publications-1, 2011

First book published by ÖYKAM Publications is “Ödemiş in Ottoman Documents” written by Munis Armağan who has done extensive research on Küçük Menderes Basin. The Book traces the history of Ödemiş from Ottoman period to the establishment of Turkish Republic in the light of Ottoman documents.




FROM ÖDEMİŞ TO THE PEAK, BIOGRAPHIES OF FIVE LEADERS (1860–1960), Alev Coşkun, ÖYKAM Publications-2, 2012

“From Ödemiş to the Peak, Biographies of Five Leaders (1860–1960)”, written by Alev Coşkun and published by ÖYKAM Publications, consists of biographies of five important figures from Ödemiş: Ali Haydar Efendi (former Mayor of Ödemiş), Dr. Mustafa Bengisu (former Mayor of Ödemiş), Mustafa Fehmi Efendi (Chief Military Judge in Ottoman Ulema), Şükrü Saraçoğlu (former Mayor of Ödemiş; former Minister, Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic), and Muzaffer Şerif Başoğlu (leading psychologist, one of the founders of social psychology).






















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